SEBAC v. Rowland Settlement Details (Updated 7/30)

Update (7/30/15)

If you were an employee of the State of Connecticut as of November 17, 2002 and were a member of a bargaining unit designated as an exclusive bargaining representative pursuant to the State Employee Collective Bargaining Act, you could get a payment from a proposed class action settlement.  Please read the Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement by clicking on the link below:

You may obtain a copy of the Settlement Agreement and any other documents relating to the proposed settlement by writing or calling Class Counsel at the contact information provided in Response 19 of the attached notice or by visiting the Class Counsel’s websit<><> or your state bargaining unit’s website.


On Tuesday, April 28, 2015 the Plaintiffs in the Lawsuit of SEBAC v. Rowland announced a settlement agreement after nearly 12 years of litigation. The following is information why the settlement is the best choice for both sides, what it means, and how it will be finalized.

SEBAC v. Rowland Settlement-Press Release 4-28-15

SEBAC v. Rowland Settlement Q & A

If you were a UConn AAUP member and working at the University and were laid off or directly impacted by former Gov. Rowland’s actions in 2002 and 2003 please contact the AAUP office and ask to speak with David Amdur. Our records seem to indicate that none of our members were directly impacted, but we can speak with you if you think you were