Slots Still Available for the 2016-2017 Representatives Assembly

The UConn-AAUP Chapter invites member nominations and self-nominations for available positions on the UConn-AAUP Representatives Assembly.  We seek a wide diversity of UConn-AAUP members from different disciplines, points of view, and status of employment to represent their departments/units. 

According to the By-Laws, the duties of a representative are as follows:

  1. Keeping their constituencies fully informed of UConn-AAUP activities and representing the individual and collective concerns of their constituents to the Representatives Assembly, the Executive Committee, and the staff.
  2. Serving as a point of contact for the grievance issues of their constituents.
  3. Forwarding concerns to the Executive Committee, the Contract Committee, and the staff on contract bargaining.
  4. Encouraging colleagues to actively participate in the activities of the UConn-AAUP, and recruiting colleagues for service in the Chapter.
  5. Attending Chapter meetings and orientations for representatives.

Nominations and Elections

If a department is allotted one representative, and only one person has stepped forward by the time the nomination window closes, that person will be the Representative.  It is encouraged that if that occurs, the department/unit establishes a vetting/approval process.

If, in a given department, the number of people who step forward exceeds the number of seats, then the department/unit will organize an electronic ballot or a meeting of the faculty in that unit to elect their representative(s) overseen by any person or persons approved by the UConn-AAUP nominating committee.

Term of office will be one fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017.

Please contact Internal Organizer Chris Henderson at  if you are interested or need further information.

Thank you!


Department/Unit # of Seats Department/Unit # of Seats
Avery Point, Full Time 1 History 2
Hartford Campus, Full Time 1 Management 1
Stamford, Full Time 1 Marketing 1
Waterbury, Adjunct 1 Material Science Institute 1
Accounting 1 Molecular and Cell Biology 2
Agriculture & Resource Economics 1 Music 1 out of 2
Athletics 2 Pathobiology 1
Chemistry 1 Pharmacy Practice 1
Communication 1 Philosophy 1
Computer Science & Engineering 1 Psychology 1 out of 2
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 1 Public Policy 1
Economics 1 out of 2 School of Social Work 2
Educational Psychology 1 Statistics 1
Finance 1