3/24 Appropriations Hearing Information

This Friday, March 23, 2017 the Legislature’s Appropriation’s Committee will hold a public hearing on 95 bills that have one common purpose- to undermine collective bargaining rights in Connecticut.

Some of the bills up for discussion include;

-Jeopardizing retirement security for public employees ( HB 5695, HB 5696, HB 5780)

– Legislative approval on every union contract ( 19 bills call for this)

– Killing binding arbitration awards and agreements if the parties reach impasse ( SB 158, SB 268, HB 5013)

– Force state employees to pay higher benefit co-pays and fees ( SB 348, SB 578)

– Forbid collective bargaining for retirement and healthcare for all public employees allowing the state to arbitrarily increase contributions to employees ( SB 368)

  • Some more specific examples include;

HB 5012 – An Act Concerning Pension and Health Care Benefits from State Employees and Officials Exempt from Classified Service

  • Convert all state employees and officials exempt from classified service to defined contribution pension (401K style) plan and health savings account
  • As an FYI. Employees exempt from classified service include, “All members of the professional and technical staffs of the constituent units of the state system of higher education” C.G.S. 5-198 (12).

HB 5838- An Act Excluding Retirement and Health Care Benefits from Collective Bargaining by State Employees

  • Exclude, on and after July 1, 2022, retirement and health care benefits for state employees and retirees from collective bargaining

The full list of bills to be heard on 3/24 can be found here: 3/24 Appropriation Committee Bills

We are asking members to submit testimony to oppose these bills that impact your working conditions, your student’s learning conditions, and your quality of life. Please send written testimony to apptestimony@cga.ct.gov

If you wish to testify in person, please contact Michael Bailey at michaelbailey@uconnaaup.org

Call for Nominations – UConn Outstanding Contribution Award

Dear UConn-AAUP Colleagues,

The UConn-AAUP Chapter is pleased to announce the establishment of the Outstanding Contribution Award to honor a former or current UConn-AAUP member who has provided exceptional leadership and service to the members of the chapter.

The award, presented in the form of a certificate of recognition and a memorial located on one of the campuses or UConn-AAUP property, is given at the annual spring meeting in April.

Nominations should be submitted prior to April 7th in the form of a supporting letter which should address the following criteria:

  1. Demonstration of the candidate’s sustained commitment and service to the chapter.
    2. Demonstrated leadership on behalf of the members of the chapter.
    3. Recognized accomplishments made to the chapter attributed to the candidate.

This is a great way to honor those that have demonstrated the values vital to protecting the professoriate. If you know of a colleague who has set themselves apart in sustained service to the chapter, please send your recommendation to the UConn-AAUP office.

Letters of support can be mailed to our office at 1875 Storrs Road, Storrs CT. 06268 or emailed to Barbara Kratochvil BarbaraK@uconnaaup.org.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Michael Bailey

UConn-AAUP Executive Director

3/31 Lobby Day for Public Higher Education

On March 31, 2017, the Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges (4c’s), CSU-AAUP, and UConn-AAUP are sponsoring a lobby day for faculty and staff to meet with their legislators to talk about the importance of appropriately investing in higher education and about the perils of some of the pending bills would have on the quality of our education system. Please sign up [ coordinated by the 4c’s] at http://the4cs.seiu.org/page/s/lobby-day

For news on the leading up to the day see http://www.centralctcommunications.com/newbritainherald/article_1fe6ae94-046f-11e7-a126-03ac1774c0a4.html

Coverage of the 1-26-17 Day of Action for Public Higher Education – Fox 61 Day of Action 1-26