I Am “All-In” With UConn-AAUP

At the Annual Membership Meeting on October 24, 2019, UConn-AAUP announced its I Am “All-In” With UConn-AAUP membership confirmation campaign as it prepares to negotiate improvements to the current collective bargaining agreement that expires on June 30 2021. The campaign is geared to:

  1. Signing new members to UConn-AAUP;
  2. Identifying new officers and leaders of the Chapter;
  3. Supporting collective bargaining efforts in ramping-up for an improved agreement;
  4. Seeking participation on contract sub-committees;
  5. Working for the Contract Action Team;
  6. Filling vacancies on the Representative Assembly.

All members and non-members of the bargaining unit will be asked to sign a “Confirmation Form” which indicates their willingness to support the negotiating team as they bargain with the administration. Support can take many forms and UConn-AAUP representatives will be reaching to establish the level of support from each member.

Supporting information for the “All-In” campaign, and the Confirmation Form can be found here.