SEBAC Response to Governor Lamont’s Budget Address

SEBAC Responds to the Governor’s Budget


Drew Phelan on Yesterday, February 11 – 11:30am


“The governor’s budget assumes still more sacrifices from Connecticut’s public employees and working families, many of who have risked, and continue to risk, their lives every day to provide the much needed services that our most vulnerable populations have relied on before and during the pandemic, and all of who have already sacrificed so much in the interest of the people they serve.

“Fortunately, collective bargaining isn’t based on the boss’s assumptions, but on the facts, and on the collective voices of the front-line workers. We intend to bargain not just for fair wages, but for powerful and effective public services and for contracts that benefit all of Connecticut’s people.

“This is just one of the many assumptions in the governor’s budget that we find profoundly troubling because it is so out of touch with the needs of all working families. At its core, this proposed document assumes we can address the critical issues affecting all of Connecticut’s working families without profound reinvestment in the public services and public structures upon which our communities and our economy depends.

“That assumption is false, and we are proud to be part of the broad fight for a budget that will turn the economy around for all of Connecticut’s working families, not just the ultra-wealthy. We invite Connecticut’s multi-millionaires and billionaires who have profited so much during the pandemic to join us in that fight by finally paying their fair share.”