2024 UConn Fiscal Crisis

UConn-AAUP Members Stand Up

UConn-AAUP Forms Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee’s charge is to develop a plan of action to resist UConn’s budget cuts and advocate for robust investment in public higher ed across Connecticut. We’ll be developing plans for a social media strategy, direct actions, legislative advocacy, info sheets to share with our members, facilitating Op-Ed writing sessions and trainings, prepping folks to provide testimony to the General Assembly, organizing letter-writing campaigns, crafting press releases, holding rallies, and more. The OC will be the group that develops the Union’s collective action plan in response to this budget crisis.

All are welcome & attendance is not required at every meeting to be a valued member of the committee. Contact Gina at ginadb@uconnaaup.org to learn more.



This spring, members of the chapter have stood up in many ways to share their stories and support each other and support the efforts internally to end the budget cuts and externally to support efforts to get the funding message to Legislative leaders.

We want to share the public remarks from the April 17th Board of Trustees meeting.  Powerful remarks from AAUP members and UAW members.  Thank you for sharing the stories of how the fiscal plan has affected you and your colleagues.

Brad Simpson Remarks to BoT 4/17

Fred Biggs Remarks to BoT 4/17

Farnoush Baghestani Remarks to BoT 4/17

Clare Costley King’oo Remarks to BoT 4/17

Mary Beth Allen Remarks to BoT 4/17


800 and Counting!!

Write to CT lawmakers & tell them we need AN ADDITIONAL $96.4M to fully-fund UConn!

UConn-AAUP has set a goal of writing 400+ letters to the CT Legislature by May 8th.
let us know here when you send your letter!

  1. Use this link to look up your legislators! Enter your home address (if you live in CT) as prompted.
    **If you do not live in CT, enter the address for your UConn campus.
  2. Find the names of your STATE Representative and STATE Senator (should be at the top of the list)
  3. Click their names & Find their official email address – should include cga.ct.gov
  4. Edit/Copy/Paste the message below. Be sure to include your UConn affiliation/job title and that you are a constituent (if applicable).
    **Note: Anyone who will be affected by the state budget can write to their Representative or Senator on this issue. You do not need to be a registered CT voter. You do not need to be a U.S. citizen.**



UConn-AAUP Encourages all members to get involved! Contact Governor Lamont and your State Legislative Leaders to demand more permanent funding for higher education.  Continue to demand transparency & accountability from UConn Administration.  We will add resources and events to this page as they are created!

State Legislative Work
We encourage ALL members to reach out to their state legislative leaders to connect with them concerning the current budget crisis.
State legislative work takes on many forms- from talking with your legislators to giving public testimony.  This Legislative Tool Kit can support you in these activities.

Classroom Tool-kits
Slides for Instructors

Light Background slides/handouts/posters

Virtual Activism
The organizing committee created these great images for virtual meeting backgrounds to support communicating a unified message.
You Cut We Bleed
Budgets Slashed Futures Dashed!
Budget Transparency Now!
Faculty Say No Tuition Hikes

Everyday in everyway!
Wear a sticker to show your support!
Budget Cuts HURT students- sticker sample

Sample Student Letter- Support UConn!