Adjunct Forum Update


Thank you to everyone that attended the virtual adjunct forum that was held earlier this semester.  The leadership of the chapter are thankful for the thoughtful sharing of concerns and experiences expressed during the session.  This message is offering an update and next steps from the forum.

During the listening session there were concerns expressed that relate back to Human Resources and systems and operations that significantly impact the Adjunct experience.  These included:

  • Every semester having to submit employment paperwork (State system does not require this)
  • Not being able to access systems like blackboard and CORE-CT between semesters or through multiple years (if they teach a class every fall for example) due to contracts ending.
  • Lack of centralized on-boarding (or universal experience) leading to lack of information or knowledge of expectations or standards.
    • In person orientations for all employees
  • Regional Campus experiences- regional campuses do not have the same resources as Storrs can not meet some of the classroom mandates.
  • Need for a streamlined process for obtaining full time status.
  • Lack of acknowledgement of seniority or lengthy teaching experience for adjuncts
    • While the contract specifies a minimum per credit salary, few departments add anything above that for years (or decades) of service–paying most adjuncts–old and new–the minimum.

Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Ogbar met with the current interim Chief Human Resources Officer for UConn Lakeesha Brown to discuss these concerns.  This list was emailed to the Vice President, and we expect a follow-up discussion at the next scheduled meeting. There seemed to be a positive reception to the concerns brought up.  We will continue to send out updates and reminders in our regular updates. Should you have additional questions or need assistance, remember UConn-AAUP is here to support you.  Michael Bailey; Executive Director can be reached out and David Amdur; Associate Director can be reached at

Your membership matters to us and we value your input, support and voices.  If you have not become a dues paying member; please consider  Joining now!  Your membership gives us the strength and resources to continue to fight for equity and justice for all members on our campuses.


Yours in solidarity