So you think you are a member of AAUP?


Many faculty members assume that they are active members of the Chapter because the University deducts a portion of their paycheck for AAUP dues. Your title makes you part of the bargaining unit covered by the UConn-AAUP contract but it does not make you a member.

One must opt in if they wish to become a bona fide member of the Chapter and of National AAUP. You can opt in by filling out the form below.

As a member, you are entitled to attend all UConn-AAUP social functions, vote for Chapter officers, run for Chapter office, and vote on the Chapter Bylaws. In addition, National AAUP offers numerous benefits including a subscription to AAUP’s Academe magazine, and exclusive access to faculty webinars, toolkits, and publications. At the National level membership includes standing for a national office position, participating in committee work, and voting and participating in national meetings.

Most importantly, the number of members is a major factor in Chapter strength and higher membership numbers result in better contract negotiation outcomes. This is a simple and easy way to improve your Chapter.

There is no additional fee for joining as the amount deducted in dues is the same whether you or a member or not.

If you are uncertain if you are actually a member, reach out to your Department/Unit Representative or contact the UConn-AAUP Office


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