Athletic Coaches as Managers

Contract Extension Agreement Update: Day 8 – No Contract Extension Agreement (CEA)

The BOT finds itself at a fork in the road. They can either take the high road – fund the professional development, child care and tuition reimbursement and bring their concerns with the coaches to the negotiating table, where they belong, or they can take the low road – file a petition with the Labor Board and hope that they can convince the Board that coaches meet two of the following criteria as “managers”, with the “agency” being UConn:

(1) Responsibility for direction of a subunit or facility of a major division of an agency or assignment to an agency head’s staff; 

(2) development, implementation and evaluation of goals and objectives consistent with agency mission and policy; 

(3) participation in the formulation of agency policy; or 

(4) a major role in the administration of collective bargaining agreements or major personnel decisions, or both, including staffing, hiring, firing, evaluation, promotion and training of employees.


It’s time for UConn-AAUP members to be heard. Contact the President, Provost and Dean, and inform them this has got to stop. The advancement of your careers through travel and professional development is being held up because the BOT refuses to negotiate contractual issues at the negotiating table, but would rather not sign an extension agreement and run to the Labor Board in an attempt to take the coaches out of the contract.

Please use all social media means to alert our members that we are in #Day8NoExtension.

Audio of testimony at BOT meeting begins at the 7:40 minute mark.