Chief Negotiator’s Blog: 2.21.22

Attendees: K.Buffkin, K. Bannister, P. Diplock, G. Kersaint,

After asking for a counter proposal from the Administration on Article 19 (Compensation) for almost three weeks, and with the insistence that UConn was not going to the Breakout Room, we received a proposal at the 11th hour. As you will see, it provides a good first year to begin to address inflation, but then falls short over the length of the contract. And it fails to include any equity/retention/compression issues. We will work tomorrow on a counter proposal to have ready for the Breakout Room.

Administration Proposals

Article 19 2.21.22 University Proposal (Revised) – Compensation

University Package Proposal 2.21.22

Article 40 2.21.22 University Proposal (Revised) – Duration of the Agreement

Article 30 2.21.22 University Package Proposal[2] РDepartmental Governence 

Article 35 2.21.22 UConn Counter Proposal (Revised) – Parking


UConn-AAUP Proposals

Appendix C 2.16.22 UConn-AAUP Package Counterproposal 39, C, 35 – Course Development and Intellectual Property Agreement

Article 35 2.21.22 UConn Counter Proposal – Parking

Article 12 2.21.22 UConn-AAUP Counterproposal[4] – Personnel Files

Article 39 2.16.22 UConn-AAUP Package Counterproposal 39, C and 35 -Conpensation fo On-line Course Development

Article 20 3.11.21 UConn-AAUP Counterproposal – Minimum Terms

Article 2 3.16.21 UConn-AAUP Counterproposal – Exclusion

Article 1 3.16.21 UConn-AAUP Counter Proposal – Inclusion