Chief Negotiator’s Blog – 11-3-2020

October 3, 2020

Present for the Administration: K Buffkin, K Bannister, J Wade, G Kersaint, T Cheng, P Diplock

At this fourth meeting of the parties, we used the Zoom platform and did not experience any technological problems of getting in and out of the meeting. We have agreed to experimenting with WebEx for the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 5, 2020.

Three concerns with the Administration’s proposals submitted:

1. Article 16: The administration has submitted a proposal removing the AAUP’s ability to request that the President make recommendations to the Board of Trustees concerning governance of the University.

2. New Article: Office/Research Space – The administration continues to avoid any acknowledgment of the importance of adequate  office/research space assigned to faculty/adjuncts.

3. Article 3 Academic Freedom – The administration has submitted a proposal which includes the following sentence: “College and university faculty members are citizens, and when they speak or write as citizens they should make every effort to be accurate and to indicate that they are not speaking for the institution.”

UConn-AAUP proposals submitted today:

UConn-AAUP Proposal Space -11.3.20 [2]

UConn-AAUP Proposal Article 37.7-Athletics-Audit.11.3.20

UConn-AAUP Counter-Proposal Article 13.2.C 11.3.20

UConn-AAUP Proposal Article 4 Governance

Administration proposals submitted today:

University Proposal Article 16 11.1.20

University Proposal Article 9 11.1.20

University Office Space 11.3.20

University Proposal Article 3 11.2.20

University Proposal Article 11 11.2.20

Article 33 11.3.20 University Proposal[2]

UConn Counter Proposal Article 4 Governance