Chief Negotiator’s Blog: 12-1-2020

Present for the Administration: K. Buffkin, K. Bannister, J. Wade, G. Kersaint, P. Diplock, T. Cheng

It appears that the administration is trying to balance the COVID-19 budget shortfall of $28 million out of negotiated benefits in the contract. One of the administrative proposal submitted today eliminates the longevity pay benefit and another removes the waiver of a free parking ticket for parking in a parking lot for which your  permit does not allow.

There are also significant proposed changes to Article 12 Personnel Files.

University submitted proposals:

Article 34 11.30.20 University Proposal

Article 18 11.30.20 University Proposal[2]

Article 35 11.30.20 University Proposal

Appendix A 11.30.20 University Proposal[1]

Office Space 11.30.20 University Counterproposal[3]

University Proposal Article 17 10.13.2020

UConn-AAUP Proposals:

University Proposal Article 23 Savings Clause

Article 11 12.1.20 UConn-AAUP Proposal

ARTICLE 10 12.1.20 UConn-AAUP