Chief Negotiator’s Blog: 12.10.20

Attendees for the Administration: K. Buffkin, K. Bannister, P. Diplock, J. Wade, G. Kersaint, T. Cheng

Administration Proposals: Articles 1 and 2 propose to remove coaches from the collective bargaining agreement. Article 7 proposes that the “University” will assume more management control over many functions performed by other faculty’s at the UConn. Many institutions of UConn’s caliber claim the faculty are the University.

Article 6 12.9.20 University Counterproposal

Article 1 12.9.20 University Proposal

Article 2 12.9.20 University Proposal

Article 34 12.7.20 University Proposal

Article 7 12.7.20 University Proposal

UConn-AAUP Proposals

Article 5 12.10.20 UConn-AAUP Proposal

Article 19.6F Professional Developmet 12.10.20 Uconn-AAUP Proposal