Chief Negotiator’s Blog: 12.2 2021

Attendees: K. Buffkin, K. Bannister, P. Diplock, J. Wade, G. Kersaint

The parties engaged in two hours of negotiations where a package of two counter- proposals was presented by the administration and two separate counter-proposals were presented by the AAUP. Questions on the proposals were answered. None of the proposals led to a temporary agreement. There were concerns expressed about the remaining proposals on the table and only one date scheduled for further negotiations.

UConn-AAUP proposals:


Article 26 12.2 21. UConnAAUPdocx

Administration Proposals:

Article 28 12.1.21 University Package Counterproposal

Article 30 12.1.21 University Package Counterproposal

University Package Counterproposal 12.1.21