Chief Negotiator’s Blog – 5.13.21

Attendees: K. Buffkin, K. Bannister, J. Wade, G. Kersaint,

As we approach the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement (June 30, 2021), we need to confirm that the terms and conditions of the expiring agreement continue until we reach a new agreement. State statue (5-278 a) requires that “provisions of the expired agreement concerning (1) salary, excluding annual increments, (2) differentials, (3) overtime, (4) longevity, and (5) allowances for uniforms, which were implemented pursuant to approval by the legislature in accordance with section 5-278 shall remain in effect until such time as a new agreement is reached and approved in accordance with section 5-278.” In the past, the parties have been able to agree to other provisions of the expired agreement to continue as well. Those have included Professional Development, Child Care Reimbursement, Tuition Reimbursement and Promotional Increases. As you will see in the proposals below, although it is not that obvious, is that the administration is proposing to reduce the amount of Professional Development for the extended year, dropping it from $910,000 to $450,000. We will continue to negotiate this proposed change.

5.13.21 Contract Extension Agreement (UConn-AAUP)[2]

5.13.21 Admin Contract Extension Agreement

4.13.21 Contract Extension Agreement (UConn-AAUP)