Chief Negotiators Blog 5.6.21

Attendees: K. Buffkin, K. Bannister, J. Wade, G. Kersaint, P. Diplock

There were no new proposal introduced or counter-proposals passed across the table. The day was spent reviewing the administrations proposal on Article 38 Summer and Intercession Winter Intercession, (Article 38 University Proposal 4.13.21) and:

New-BU Work 4.13.21 UConn-AAUP Proposal

New-Electronic Records 4.13.21 UConn-AAUP

Under the current Article 38, summer compensation in 2021 will depend on enrollment and the AY salary of the instructor. For AY salaries at or below $94,473, compensation is determined solely by enrollment, capped at $10392 with 17 students. For AY salaries at or above $156,618, compensation is again solely determined by enrollment, capped at $17,228 with 28 students. For an instructor with and AY salary between $94,473 and $156,618, compensation varies as a function of enrollment and AY salary.

To determine summer compensation under the administrations proposal, we need to make assumptions regarding adjunct compensation. If we use the adjunct rate we proposed on 3/2/21, in summer 2025, 2.5 ties the minimum adjunct rate will be at $15,503. If the enrollment is between 31 and 35, the instructor will make $15,000, irrespective of the AY salary. However, if the enrollment is higher that 35, the headline compensation of $17,500 will be earned only by those making $140,000 or higher during the AY. That renders the clause not to exceed 12.5% of the University-wide full professor salary redundant, unless their internal model shows that they will substantially bring down the University-wide full professor average salary by managing recruitment post silver tsunami of 2022 – a highly unlikely scenario.