Chief Negotiator’s Blog 6/1, 6/3, 2021

Unfortunately, UConn-AAUP and the Board of Trustees were not able to reach agreement on a contract to bring to the legislature prior to the legislative session ending on June 9, 2021. We are one of 33 state employee bargaining units who were not able to reach agreement in time for legislative approval. We will continue to negotiate over the summer and into the fall for a new agreement.

When this happened in the past, we were able to reach agreement on a Contract Extension Agreement (CEA) with the Board to allow the terms and conditions of the contract to continue until a new agreement is reached. This year, the administration provided the union with an ultimatum: in order to get a CEA, UConn-AAUP would have to agree to facilitate a window of opportunity to petition  the CT State Labor Board to remove coaches and performance personnel from the union.

For the past 2 negotiating session, we have exchanged proposal in an attempt to satisfy both parties. We have been consulting our attorney and submitted a proposal on 6/7/2021. We are waiting for a counter proposal from the administration.

6.7.21 CEA UConn-AAUP counterproposal

6.3.21 Contract Extension Agreement UConn counterproposal[1]