Chief Negotiator’s Blog – 10/20/2020

October 20, 2020

Present for Administration: K Buffkin, K Bannister, P Diplock, J Wade, G Kersaint, T Cheng

This was the third meeting of the parties where there were technology challenges with our team entering the meeting.  It appear to be due to the  program Microsoft Teams. Teams is a University owned product using accounts. AAUP team members have been using alternative email addresses to protected account passwords. We have suggested using Zoom, but the university is reluctant to use, and suggests Webex. We are reluctant to use Webex, another university owned product.

  1. UConn-AAUP Proposals:

UConn-AAUP Counter-Proposal Article 13.2.C We feel HR should be performing an audit each year to ensure that anyone that is eligible for a multi-year appointment, is appropriately appointed to one.

2. Administration Response:

The following proposals need financial amount of proposal included:

Professional Development for In-resident faculty

Additional compensation proposal (12/12ths)

3. AAUP response to Administrations By-Laws Amendment

We want a snapshot of what is in place when the contract is signed. Allowing bylaws to be amended “from time to time” changes the bylaws, not the CBA.