COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

In Fall 2020, UConn-AAUP organized the COVID-19 Relief Fund to assist members who had been the most impacted negatively by the virus and awarded approximately $90,000 to provide some relief of extra expenses related to childcare, eldercare, housing, health care or to help off-set a COVID-related loss of income. Two years since the start of the pandemic, the health, economic, and social impacts of COVID-19 continue to impact faculty and athletic personnel at UConn and to exacerbate existing social and economic inequities among UConn-AAUP members.

Therefore, this semester we are once again offering financial support to our members. To prioritize support for those in greatest need, funds will be distributed on a point system based on annual salary and length of service.

Salary Points
<$45,000 3
$45,000-$59,999 2
$60,000-$90,000 1
Membership Points
< 2 years 1
2-6 years 2
6+ years 3

Funds will be distributed in checks from UConn-AAUP to each faculty member. The amount provided per member will be between $300 and $500 until all funds are depleted

Points Award
2 $300
3 $350
4 $400
5 $450
6 $500


  1. All UConn-AAUP members in good standing as of March 1, 2022
  2. Annual salary of less than $90,000
  3. One award per family
  4. Completed application and W-9 Form
  5. Child care recipients are eligible for this award
  6. Members who received the Fall, 2020 and/or the Spring, 2021 award may apply for the Spring, 2022 award
  7. Submission deadline is March 31, 2022
  8. Completed application (on-line submission) and W-9 Form (mailed or faxed)

Please note that this benefit is taxable and should be reported on your tax return.

Mail or Fax the completed W-9 From to:
Barbara Kratochvil
1875 Storrs Road
Storrs, CT  06268
Fax: 860-487-0341


(On-line submission of application form and Fax or postmark for W-9 Form)

    First Name*

    Last Name*


    AdjunctFull TimePre-Tenure

    UConn Email

    Personal Email

    Home Address*

    Address (line 2)

    City* State* Zip*

    Phone Number

    AAUP Membership (Adjunct and Full Time Faculty) (please select one)
    Less than two years2-6 Years6+ years

    Salary Range
    Less than $45,000$45,000 - $59,999$60,000 - $90,000

    How are you planning to use these funds?
    Child CareElder CareHousehold (Food, Rent, Utilities)Heath CareSupplement loss of incomeOther


    Send W-9 Form by March 31st to:

    Barbara Kratochvil
    1875 Storrs Road
    Storrs, CT 06268

    Or Fax: 860-487-0341