Gender Pay Equity Workshop


UConn-AAUP Committee W

(Committee on Women in Academia)

Invites chapter members to our first Brown Bag

Gender Pay Equity Workshop

May 1, 2019, 12:30-2:00 pm

Student Union, Room 304C

Storrs Campus


UConn-AAUP Committee W has invited the Civil Rights Law Firm of Newkirk Zwagerman PLC to conduct a brown bag workshop on gender pay inequity. UConn Administration has been aware of gender and race pay inequity since the independent report (published in 2013) on pay equity at UConn (from 2003-2012 data), and has done nothing to address it. The Provost’s Office recently commissioned Charles River Associates to perform a new study, one far more limited in scope and focused on isolated departments, which is to conclude the end of May.


This workshop proposes to inform and educate campus communities, key groups, and allies to recognize the full extent of the pay equity crisis and the pervasive, systemic nature of gender bias, and to find ways to solve it going forward. Designing a solution to gender and race bias is just as important as recovering lost wages. Join us to learn more and to share information, stories, and data.


If you are unable to attend, the workshop will be streamed through Facebook Live.









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