Limited Durable Power of Attorney

Limited Durable Power of Attorney – SER’s only members

It is strongly encouraged that all state employees who are in the SER’S retirement plan, have a Limited Durable Power of Attorney (LDPOA) form submitted with the Retirement Services Division. The LPDOA authorizes another person (an “attorney-in-fact”) to make retirement decisions and execute retirement documents in the member’s place, and on the member’s behalf. Having an LDPOA on file will protect the members rights, their families, and other loved ones, if a member becomes incapacitated by illness or injury.

The Governors Executive Order has made it very easy to have one on file by waiving the notary and witnesses signatures and allowing just the last 4 numbers of your social security. The CO-1049 form may be filed electronically to the Retirement Security Division designated email address: rsd–

This is a temporary relaxations of the filing process. Please act now to ensure protection for yourself or loved ones. Please follow the information below:

RSD MEMO 2020-03 – Power of Attorney [Final Version 4-30-20]

Covid Emergency POA signed (1)


CO-1049 Rev 8-2015 (For active employees only)

CO-1049A 8-2015 (For retirees only)