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Welcome to the UConn-AAUP Members Page! Thank you for your membership and your continued support of the local chapter! We will update this page regularly so please check back in~

New Offer for UConn AAUP Members: First Year Free Membership to Citizen’s Oil Co-op

Citizen’s Oil Co-op has been helping members save on their energy needs for over 30 years. Members save on heating oil and propane with full-service companies offering 24/7 emergency services, budget billing, automatic delivery, and service contracts.

UConn AAUP members can use the coupon codes below to receive the first year membership free. There is a one-time $10 application fee to join.

Once you join, the Co-op will connect you with one of the companies in your area. You would be set-up as a customer of the company but coded as a Co-op member to receive the discounted Co-op pricing.

Give the Co-op a call at 860-561-6011 for more information or click here to join today.  Follow them on Facebook, too!


Use this code to have your Standard Membership Fee Waived


Use this code to have your Senior Membership Fee Waived (55+)


Use this code to have your Low Volume Membership Fee Waived

(Under 300 gallons annual usage)

The Co-op also works with Think Energy to offer electricity rates in Connecticut.  You don’t have to be a Co-op member to sign up with Think Energy.  Click here to sign up for this rate through Think Energy.

  • Current Rate: 12.9 cents/kWh through 11/30/23
  • No fees
  • 100 % Clean Energy
  • Fixed for 36 months