All UConn-AAUP members:

We want to bring to your attention a very valuable workshop presented by the CLAS. We are aware of the challenges that tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty are experiencing during this COVID period and we would encourage everyone to attend. For more information, follow the link below.

Mary Ellen Junda, President

Michael Bailey, Executive Director


Dear CLAS Faculty –

This is a reminder to register for our first workshop on Monday, January 25 from 4:00-5:30 PM.  The topic will be “Research During COVID” and will feature a Panel discussion and breakout sessions related to strategies for doing research during COVID and for re-starting research after COVID. Panelists will discuss barriers as well as informational resources for support.

To register for this workshop, please go to this site–

Our aim is to provide workshops that will appeal to the wide variety of research done within the college.  This series of workshops on Research Development are designed for all faculty and we encourage all to attend.

We look forward to seeing you on January 25!

Best regards,

Lisa Park Boush

Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Affairs, CLAS