SEBAC Statement on Cutting State Workforce 11-2-15

“Because the richest 1% in Connecticut pay state and local taxes at about half the rate of the rest of us, further staff reductions and other budget cuts mean that residents won’t be getting the vital services they need. Reducing further a state workforce that is already stretched thin would be unfair to the public that depends on them.

“It’s also unfair to the maintenance worker and bridge inspectors ensuring our roads are safe for travel. It’s unfair to the social service workers who care for children with developmental disabilities and seniors struggling to remain in their home. It’s unfair to the criminal justice professionals sworn to keep our neighborhoods safe.

“But what’s most unfair is that the issue of taxes will be apparently limited to more breaks and giveaways for big corporations in discussions between the governor and legislative leaders. Our public service workers want our elected leaders to ask the tiny minority benefitting from the economy to step up and start paying their fair share. That’s how to prevent balancing the state’s budget on the backs of working families and the middle class.

“It’s also an important step toward reducing the biggest problem facing our state and country — income inequality.