SEBAC Update re. State Admin. Talks 3-31-16

Gov Admin Talks/Layoffs Update

FROM: Michael Bailey

TO: UConn-AAUP Bargaining Unit Members

DATE: 3/31/16

SUBJ: Talks with the Governor to Urge Better Choices


UConn-AAUP Colleagues,

The governor’s administration has agreed to our state employee union coalition’s previous request for a meeting. We do not yet have a date, nor we do we know who will represent the administration; we hope to have those details soon.

Click here for a copy of the Malloy Administration’s response letter.

Ltr to SEBAC from Lisa Egan re. Agreeing to Meet 3-24-16

This is NOT a meeting to discuss reopening our coalition’s 2011 agreement. Instead, we made clear to the administration we intend to discuss the root causes of Connecticut’s budget woes and offer suggestions for short and long-term savings.

We remain opposed to balancing the state budget on the backs of public service providers or working families who depend on us every day. We remain committed to protecting Connecticut’s quality of life, which is clearly threatened by cuts to vital services and state employees’ jobs.

Very recently the governor escalated those threats by saying that a “very, very substantial number” of state employees would receive pink slips “in a couple weeks.”

On Tuesday 3/29/16 voted to close the current fiscal year’s budget gap with deep cuts to essential service, yet huge shortfalls are still predicted for the next several years. The revenue problem that we and our allies have been calling attention to is clearly real; but the governor and lawmakers have so far refused to listen.

Join us in urging better choices than more painful cuts that will fall hardest on working families and make inequality worse here in Connecticut.

Click below to send them a message now urging action to protect our state’s quality of life, if you haven’t already done so.

Make your voice heard because our state’s quality of life is at stake.

More to come,

Michael Bailey, UConn-AAUP Executive Director