UConn-AAUP CEA Update, July 2, 2021

Contract Extension Agreement Update: Day 2 – No Contract Extension Agreement (CEA)

Unfortunately, after further discussions today with a representative of the BOT, we were not able to reach agreement on a CEA. After what seemed like a productive meeting yesterday and a promise for a response by “midday today”, the representative returned with a text message at 3:30 pm that “The matter is still under discussion and I will be following up with you on Tuesday.” (So much for the importance expressed to reach an agreement quickly.) An immediate call was made to express our disappointment and to reiterate our position. The good news is that the law protects much of our contract (even without an extension) specifically your current salaries, health insurance, and grievance processing.

Please use all social media means to alert our members that we are in #Day2NoExtension.

In Solidarity!

UConn-AAUP Negotiating Team


Mary Ellen Junda, President
Jeffrey Ogbar, Executive Vice President


Michael Bailey, Executive Director

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