UConn-AAUP February 13, 2024 Update

UConn-AAUP February 13, 2024 Update

UConn-AAUP Message from President Ogbar
State Rally to support Higher Education Funding on 2/20
Virtual Forum for Tenure Track Positions
Dear UConn-AAUP Community,

I hope that your first few weeks of the spring semester are off to a great start! The first few weeks of the year have been busy for the UConn-AAUP chapter. As you are likely aware, Governor Lamont has proposed a new budget for the University that falls short of our budgetary needs by about $70M for the Storrs and regional campuses. Due to state spending “fiscal guardrails,” additional support for higher education will be very difficult, unless state lawmakers forge new laws to grant new spending. Given the impending budget cuts– and their extraordinary potential for harm–the union has initiated a series of meetings with faculty across campus. These include two listening sessions on the budget plan that over 190 people attended. Fifty members joined the organizing committee; they created flyers, organized the informational picket on Jan. 23, and a response to the University Senate. In addition to an estimated 150 people who gathered at the informational picket, about 1,000 one-page informational sheets were handed out.

We engaged 65 Members in a non-tenure track listening session and helped facilitate multiple articles, interviews, and sharing of information in the media (found here: 2024 UConn Budget Information – UConn-AAUP (uconnaaup.org). We have been amazed at the energy, interest, and general involvement of members across the University to demand a sounder budget from state lawmakers. A diverse set of strategies have included flyers, posters, and t-shirts that have been worn at statewide conversations on the budget and its impact to all higher education units. We have also remained in conversation with University leadership about strategies in conversations with lawmakers in our mutual desire to secure a healthy budget for UConn.

Ultimately, the strength and success of our efforts rest on the solidarity with our broader community and membership in particular. We are in this together to support, protect and advocate collectively for our interests. Please visit our UConn-AAUP website for additional resources and information regarding budgets and state support.

Membership matters as we have the resources to research, defend and advocate on behalf of all our members. We want to continue to hear from members, through collective actions.

In solidarity,
Jeffrey Ogbar
UConn-AAUP President

State Rally to support Higher Education Funding on 2/20 5:30 -7:30pm State Capitol
On February 20th we will be joining together with members of AFT CT Affiliated unions at the State Capitol to voice our opposition to the significant budget cuts coming to the CSCU system & UConn.  To send a strong message we hope you will come with your UConn-AAUP shirt.  Pizza will be available beginning at 5:30 in the LOB cafeteria followed by a press conference.  At 7:30pm members and advocates will attend the hearing on the impact of the cuts on CSCU and UConn

We hope you will come and support the message of more permanent funding for Higher Education.  We will send out information on how to submit written testimony later in the week.
Sign up so we know you are coming! Sign-Up! Higher Ed Night at the Capitol – 2/20 – Google Sheets
Questions please reach out to Gina at ginadb@uconnaaup.org

UConn-AAUP Forum for Tenured Faculty
Tuesday, February 13th 7:00-8:00pm via zoom using this link  

UConn-AAUP supports teaching, research and coaching professionals at Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, Storrs and Waterbury.  We are a member-led, member-supported organization dedicated to advancing the rights of all teaching, research, and coaching professionals.

We are interested in connecting with you as a member in the bargaining unit.   You are all valued members of the organization and your voices and experiences matter as we want to ensure you have the best experience here at UConn and as a member of UConn-AAUP.

This session will be facilitated by Eric Shultz; Professor Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Fiona Somerset Professory of English and Co-Director of Medieval Studies Program. The goal of this session is to have a discussion as to your experiences here at UConn, answer questions and discuss ways UConn-AAUP can best support you in your work.

Please register so we know you are coming! FORUM REGISTRATION

In Solidarity

Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar, President
Jean McCarthy, Executive Vice President
Michael Bailey, Executive Director
Tel 860.487.0450