UConn-AAUP Retiree Assembly/Chapter Draft By-Laws

UConn-AAUP would like to organize a retiree assembly/chapter. Below you will find a draft of Assembly ByLaws. Contact Michael Bailey if interested: michaelbailey@uconnaaup.org

UConn-AAUP Retiree Assembly


Article I—Name

The name of this organization shall be the UConn-AAUP Retiree Assembly, an affiliate of the UConn-AAUP.

Article II—Mission

Members of the Retiree Assembly seek:

a) to maintain their commitment to the UConn-AAUP;

b) to enhance the academic environment at the University of Connecticut, advise UConn-AAUP on issues concerning faculty retirement, and assist retirees in maintaining and
developing their association with the University of Connecticut;

c) to inform themselves and others about federal, state, and university policies that may impact Connecticut public sector retirees, especially those who were employed in higher education, and to develop and articulate positions in regard to such policies;

d) to further their commitment to scholarly activity by making presentations to the Retiree Assembly, and by attending similar presentations by other members;

e) to discuss and understand issues that may extend beyond the expertise of Retiree Assembly members, and therefore welcome presentations by current UConn faculty and others; and

f) to broaden and expand their social and cultural lives through activities of interest to the group;

Article III—Membership

Upon payment of their yearly dues, the Retiree Assembly welcomes all retired UConn faculty be they full-time, part-time, tenured, non-tenured, and Athletic personnel.

Article IV—Officers

a) The officers of the Retiree Assembly shall be 1) a Chairperson; 2) a Vice Chairperson; 3) a Secretary; 4) a Treasurer. Holding one office shall normally exclude holding another at the same time.

b) Officers shall be nominated by a committee appointed by the Chairperson and shall be elected by a majority of the voting membership by mail ballot. The ballot shall include provisions for write-in candidates.

c) The term of office shall be for two years, with the chair and vice chair being elected in odd-numbered years, and the secretary and treasurer being elected in even-numbered years. The elections shall be concluded by May 31 of each year with the terms to commence on July 1st.

d) Each year Retiree Assembly members shall elect one of their members to serve as the Assembly’s delegate to the Executive Committee of UConn-AAUP for a one year term. The primary responsibility of this delegate shall be to report back to the
Assembly Executive Committee and the membership about the issues coming before the UConn-AAUP. The delegate shall also serve as the conduit through which retirees may bring business or concerns to the UConn-AAUP Executive Committee.

Article V—Executive Committee

a) There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the four elected officers and the immediate past chairperson.

b) The Executive Committee shall meet on a regular basis and shall consider matters that may come before the Retiree Assembly.

c) The committee will meet upon the call of the Chairperson to consider possible changes in mission, relationships with other organizations, or other matters deemed essential to the Retiree Assembly; and it shall select the time and place of Assembly

Article VI—Meetings

a) For the purpose of conducting meetings of the Retiree Assembly, a quorum shall consist of twelve (12) members.

b) At such meetings, Robert’s Rules of order shall normally be followed. The agenda for Retiree Assembly meetings shall be as follows:

1) Call to order
2) Approval of the minutes, if any, from the previous meeting
3) Report of the Chairperson
4) Report of the Secretary and/or Treasurer
5) Report of any standing committees
6) Old business
7) New business
8) Adjournment

c) Membership meetings may be planned by the Chairperson in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Article VII—Standing Committees

Standing Committees may be established by the Chairperson with the consent of the Executive Committee.

Article VIII—Dues

Retiree Assembly dues on an annual basis shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by the membership.

Article IX—Amendments

Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by or to the ExecutiveCommittee and must be approved by a majority of the members in attendance; however, this majority must include at least five (5) Assembly members who are not members of the Executive Committee.