UConn-AAUP Signs COVID-19 MOA With Administration

On April 16, 2021, Labor Relations finally signed a Memorandum of Agreement regarding COVID-19 issues impacting bargaining unit members. Those discussions began in late November of 2020. Highlighting the agreement are three issues:

1) Through the academic year beginning August 2023 faculty will have the opportunity in annual reports and PR/ PTR portfolios to describe the effects of COVID-19 on their research, teaching, mentoring and service.

2) Faculty members who have medical conditions shall address any need for an accommodation through the established process for such determinations., which may include a change in teaching modality.

3) Faculty members who could not take their sabbatical leave as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will have an “administrative postponement” that maintains the faculty members’ sabbatical cycle.

The full MOA can be found here:

2021 MOA Final