UConn-AAUP Update: August 26, 2021

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  • “Sticker-Up” with UConn-AAUP/SEBAC – September 2, 2021

On September 2, 2021, your negotiating team will re-start negotiations with administrative representatives towards a new collective bargaining agreement. This next period of negotiating is following an attempt by the Board of Trustees (BOT) to hold an extension of the expiring agreement hostage while contemplating a petition to the Labor Board to remove coaches from the bargaining unit. Many of our members contacted administrators and legislators about their concerns regarding the hostile negotiating tactics being used by the BOT and the lack of an extension agreement. These actions were a major force in pushing the BOT to abandon its threat.

This event galvanized our bargaining unit.  We now need to show continued solidarity and build momentum toward exerting pressure during the most critical part of negotiations – compensation decisions.

With this in mind, we are joining other unions at UConn and from throughout the state in organizing a worksite action called “Sticker-Up with UCONN AAUP/SEBAC to show support for a fair and equitable contract.

  • Wear or display a UConn-AAUP/SEBAC sticker during working hours on Thursday, September 2nd to generate awareness that members are paying attention to the continuing contract negotiations.
  • Stickers can be displayed on computers, office doors, windows, clothing, etc. and for more than one day if you so choose.
  • Stickers will be distributed by Executive Committee members, Representative Assembly member and AAUP leaders in faculty mailboxes. You also can stop by the AAUP office for stickers or email Barb at barbarak@uconnaaup.org

Anticipating questions from colleagues, students:

  • “Will I get in trouble for wearing a sticker?” No. You have a legally protected right to wear a union sticker at work. In the rare instance your supervisor says you can’t wear it, remove the sticker and contact the union immediately.
  • “Why should I wear the button/sticker?” To bring awareness to the contract negotiations; to show support for your colleagues who are negotiating on your behalf; and to build momentum to pressure the administration to meet the demands of the bargaining unit.
  • “Why Sticker Up Day?” Wearing the sticker inspires other coworkers and creates a sense of trust and unity around a shared struggle.  It also may generate awareness among students who may be interested in the negotiation process and labor rights.

We strongly encourage your participation in Sticker Up Day and ask that you send a “selfie” with your sticker to Barbarak@uconnaaup.org to spread the word on our website and other social media.

In Solidarity.


Mary Ellen Junda, President

Jeffery Ogbar, Executive Vice President


Michael Bailey, Executive Director


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