UConn-AAUP Update: February 9, 2023

Dear AAUP Members,

As you may be aware, Governor Lamont has proposed a two-year state budget to the General Assembly for fiscal years 2024 and 2025. This budget, if approved, would result in a shortfall of $159.8M and $197.3M for the next two years, compared to UConn’s budgetary request. Note that the governor has offered these shortfalls, while the state has record surpluses. In fact, the surpluses are so great that he has simultaneously proposed tax cuts. This is a critical misstep that will affect our entire University community—faculty, staff, and students.

In protest of these shortfalls, UConn students have called for a walkout of class for Wednesday February 15. They invite members of the UConn—faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and others—to attend a rally at the Capitol steps at noon on Wednesday February 15. They plan to support President Maric in her testimony before the Appropriations Committee. I will also be speaking at the capitol next week.

The UConn-AAUP, as well as the UConn Union Coalition, supports our students and stands in solidarity with them. I encourage our members to attend the rally next week and take advantage of bus transportation that will be available for students, staff, and faculty. You can support President Maric’s testimony and speak in-person or virtually at the 7:30 pm Public Participation portion of the hearing, if you wish. If you are unable to speak in-person or virtually, I encourage you to either submit written testimony to the Appropriations Committee before the hearing on Wednesday, or contact your legislators and pass your concern with the cuts along to them.

In solidarity,

Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar

UConn-AAUP President