UConn-AAUP Update: July 17, 2021


Yesterday, we reached an agreement with the BOT to extend the entire expired contract for a 1-year, or until such time as a successor agreement is fully ratified by the parties and the legislature. The 1-year extension will allow us to continue negotiating a successor agreement with the security of having bargaining unit members working under a collective bargaining agreement.

Our position and solidarity never waivered as the administration attempted to hold the CEA hostage while trying to remove members from the bargaining unit. Our thanks to the unprecedented number of members who sent emails voicing concern with the BOT’s unwillingness to recognize the dire reality of the situation and to those who have furthered our message through social media. The fully executed agreement can be found here.

We have a log way to go for the successor agreement and expect the same winding road ahead of us. Your support and collective action will be critical to ensure the CBA you rightly deserve. Stay informed by joining us on social media for immediate updates throughout negotiations.

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In Solidarity!

UConn-AAUP Negotiating Team


Mary Ellen Junda, President
Jeffrey Ogbar, Executive Vice President


Michael Bailey, Executive Director