UConn-AAUP Update: November 16, 2020


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  • UConn-AAUP Support for Joint Statement and Press Conference/Rally

UConn-AAUP supports the action taken by the unions of the 4C’s in response to the request from the Board of Regents for $35 million in concessions from contract negotiations. Higher education in the State of Connecticut has experienced unprecedented challenges over the last nine months due to the COVID-19 virus. Last spring, faculty pivoted to deliver courses on-line to their students and have continued to teach both face-to-face and through distance-learning efforts throughout the fall semester. Campus administrators have made critically required health and safety decisions to protect faculty, staff and students. The Board of Regents needs to address the financial contraints that are due solely to COVID-19 with the Governor and legislators instead of demanding union members concede contractually agreed obligations to fill budget gaps. It is apparent that the Regents are more concerned with forcing the faculty and staff to bear the financial burden from COVID-19 than to advocate for the educational process they oversee.


Joint AFSCME, AFT, 4Cs Statement to Members 


Management has requested the unions reopen our contracts and make concessions in excess of 35 million dollars. Concession items would include: furlough days, wage rollbacks, teaching more classes, giving up any claims for impact costs due to the colleges closing last spring, and emptying of our contract funds.

We (AFSCME, AFT, 4Cs) will not reopen our contracts and grant concessions.

We (AFSCME, AFT, 4Cs) have contracts that expire on 6/30/21. New contract negotiations will begin in January 2021.

If there is no meeting of the minds in the upcoming contract negotiations, we will proceed to arbitration. It is key every member understand that the current contract – including working conditions and wages – remains in place until a successor contract is either agreed to, or arbitrated and approved by the legislature.

CSCU Leadership and the BOR are stepping up their attacks on us. Their most recent attacks include the snow day policy and a new mid-year Additional Responsibility review process (see below).

Be assured the unions are vigorously defending the contract, your rights and the union rights. This includes grievance, arbitration and Labor Board actions as appropriate.

Most of all we will continue to uphold your dignity and the critical role you play in the services we provide to our students and communities. This dignity and your critical role are things the BOR and CSCU Leadership increasingly neither understand nor value.

We are fighting the BOR attacks and will continue to do so. Stay positive and upbeat in this fight. Stay engaged and get more engaged.

Remember that we need to STICK TOGETHER and that TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!


Many full-time faculty members with AR are concerned about the new “mid-year AR review process” initiated by the System Office. The unions advise all full-time faculty who have AR to complete the documentation requested. If any member is pressured by their local administration to abandon priorly-approved AR activity, contact your local union rep or chapter chair immediately and the unions will provide immediate assistance.

Special note and reminder to AFT/4Cs members – management is contractually required to provide AR compensation for Distance Learning activity.

In solidarity,

Larry Salay (AFSCME 2480), Dennis Bogusky (AFT) & Maureen M. Chalmers (The 4Cs)


11/19 Press Conference & Rally, Noon, at System Office

Fund Public Higher Ed

The decisions we make today will define the Connecticut we live in tomorrow. For too long higher education has seen drastic budget cuts that undermine the institutions and the working class students they serve.

Austerity is a choice and one that we reject. Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the nation and one with the biggest gaps in income and achievement. With the political will, there are sources to fund the public goods that will ensure everyone in our state has the opportunity to thrive and achieve their dreams. Affordable and accessible public higher education is a pathway to a better life for so many in our state. We can do this without harming the economic future of working and middle class people… simply put, billionaires and millionaires must pay their fair share.

We believe in a better future for Connecticut’s college students.  But this cannot be generated via budget cuts, institutional consolidation, or program elimination.  It will only be achieved by ensuring that our public higher education institutions are not only the very best they can be, but also affordable and accessible to the students who need them the most.

As stated above, management has requested the unions reopen our contracts and make concessions in excess of $35 million. We need YOU to turnout to this important event to demand that Connecticut creates a People’s Budget.

In Solidarity,

Mary Ellen Junda, President

Jeffrey Ogbar, Executive Vice President

Michael Bailey, Executive Director


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