UConn-AAUP Update: October 6, 2021

In this Issue:

  • SEBAC and State Agree to Coalition Bargaining 
  • UConn-AAUP Member Meeting: 12:00 pm, October 21, 2021 via Zoom
  • UConn-AAUP Child Care Reimbursements
  • Work/Life Expo Booth

SEBAC and State Agree to Coalition Bargaining – Press Release

Union leaders in SEBAC have been concerned by an overall lack of progress at the negotiating table for a number of months.  This situation, and the possibility for win-win scenarios in pension and healthcare, suggest that a common approach by all SEBAC unions can help local negotiating committees achieve their goals — fair collective bargaining agreements that benefit both our public sector members and the public they serve.

The idea is that through common interaction with the Lamont Administration we can agree on a pattern with respect to general wage increases, steps and related issues, and other cross unit issues that the State as an employer must offer at every bargaining table. The parties can simultaneously explore positive issues in the pension and healthcare agreement, but the unions will not consider any changes that reduce benefits or otherwise negatively impact members.

Local negotiating committees are aware and supportive of this initiative, and will be continuously updated about progress in the discussions.  They will continue to play their democratic roles with respect to all aspects of seeking agreements which they would be proud to recommend for ratification including, if necessary, pursuing binding arbitration. If the initiative fails to produce such agreements, or negatively interferes with local negotiations, the Coalition will end discussions immediately and reserve all of their rights with respect to the negotiation and, if necessary, arbitration of new agreements.

UConn-AAUP Member Meeting

UConn-AAUP will be holding its Annual Member Meeting on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 12:00 pm via Zoom. (Only dues paying members of UConn-AAUP are eligible to attend) Agenda items include:

  • Negotiations Update
  • Membership Update / Organizing Opportunities
  • UConn Budget Issues
  • Legislative Update

If you would like to become a member of UConn-AAUP follow the link here.

UConn-AAUP Child Care Reimbursement

Applications for the Fall 2021 Child Care Reimbursement must be submitted to the UConn-AAUP office by NOVEMBER 4, 2021. Please note that the Fall 2021 reimbursement is for daycare provided for the months of May, June, July, August, September and October, 2021 ONLY.  Child must attend daycare at least two weeks during the month to qualify for that month. The UConn-AAUP Child Care policy and application is now available on the UConn-AAUP website: www.uconnaaup.org (Resources) Please download, fill out, and fax, mail, or e-mail (BarbaraK@uconnaaup.org) the application and receipts to the UConn-AAUP office.  ALL applications are acknowledged. (Fax – 860–487-0341)

Work/Life Expo

UConn-AAUP will participate in the Work/Life Expo scheduled for Thursday, October 14, 2021 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Student Union Ballroom. Stop by and meet you elected officers and staff members and pick up buttons, stickers and more.

In Solidarity.


Mary Ellen Junda, President

Jeffrey Ogbar, Executive Vice President

Michael Bailey, Executive Director

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