UConn-AAUP Update: September 27, 2021

In this Issue:

  • UConn-AAUP Member Wellness Initiative Reminder – TODAY at 4:00 PM
    • UConn-AAUP Member Wellness Seminar Series
  • March for Higher Education: Demand An Investment in Public Higher Education

UConn-AAUP Member Wellness Seminar Series

We invite all members to join us for the first faculty wellness seminar on Monday, September 27th from 4:00 – 5:00 PM. “Stop the Stress: Evidence-Based Strategies for Stress Management” will introduce several evidenced-based strategies and techniques for dealing with day-to-day negative emotions or distress that include grounding, diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and cognitive de-fusion.

Meeting link: https://meet125.webex.com/meet/pr26347791963

Meeting number: 2634 779 1963

Join from a video or application, Dial pr26347791963@meet125.webex.com

You can also dial and enter your meeting number


  • Stephanie Milan, Associate Professor & Clinical Psychology Program Head, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Department of Psychological Sciences 
  • Jeff Burke, Associate Professor& Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Department of Psychological Sciences 

MARCH FOR HIGHER EDUCATION – Demand an Investment in Higher Education

  • Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 29, 2021, 4:00 PM
  • Meet at the fountain at the New Haven Green and the March to Gateway Community College 

We cannot ignore the problem of disinvestment in public higher education any longer. Unaffordable tuition, soaring levels of student debt, and administrators putting affordability before quality; these are all problems that we are seeing in our public systems of higher education in Connecticut and it is destroying our educational system. We must put our students’ needs first and invest in higher education!


In Solidarity.


Mary Ellen Junda, President

Jeffrey Ogbar, Executive Vice President

Michael Bailey, Executive Director

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