UConn-AAUP Wellness Seminar Series – Fall 2021

The University of Connecticut Chapter of




  1. Stop the Stress: Evidence-Based Strategies for Stress Management

September 27th 4-5 PM

Stress is often part of faculty life, whether from a heavy workload, ever-present deadlines, interpersonal expectations of students and colleagues, or managing work-family balance. This year, faculty must manage these “normal” stressors while also facing additional challenges and uncertainty caused by the pandemic. When the demands of life increase, it can be helpful to have concrete strategies for dealing with day-to-day negative emotions or distress. In this seminar, we will introduce and practice several evidence-based techniques, including grounding, diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and cognitive de-fusion. Find a strategy that will work for you!


  • Stephanie Milan, Associate Professor & Clinical Psychology Program Head, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Department of Psychological Sciences
  • Jeff Burke, Associate Professor& Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Department of Psychological Sciences
  1. Student Mental Health Support for Faculty: Understanding Roles, Responses & Resources (Hosted by the AAUP & SHaW Mental Health Services)

October 18th 3:30-5:00 pm

A growing number of university students have mental health needs or receive ADA accommodations for a disability. Many faculty members feel uncertain about how to respond when issues related to mental health or disability arise with students. Others may wonder what they can do to foster a wellness-enhancing campus climate. The goal of this presentation is to help faculty understand their role, know the relevant campus resources, and gain strategies for responding to several common situations faced by faculty.


  • Stephanie Milan, Associate Professor& Clinical Psychology Program Head, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Kristina Stevens, Director of Mental Health, Student Health & Wellness, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Christine Wenzel, Associate Director, Center for Students with Disabilities
  1. PTR and the Pandemic: A Panel Discussion

November TBD

Are you concerned that COVID is hurting your career progress? This panel will include university administrators and members of previous PTR committees to help address PTR related stress and concerns.