UConn-AAUP February 19, 2024 Update

State Rally to support Higher Education Funding on 2/20
On February 20th we will be joining together with members of AFT CT Affiliated unions at the State Capitol to voice our opposition to the significant budget cuts coming to the CSCU system & UConn.  To send a strong message we hope you will come with your UConn-AAUP shirt.  Pizza will be available beginning at 5:30 in the LOB cafeteria followed by a press conference.  At 7:30pm members and advocates will attend the hearing on the impact of the cuts on CSCU and UConn

We hope you will come and support the message of more permanent funding for Higher Education.  Here is a link to information on how to submit written testimony.

Questions, please reach out to Gina at ginadb@uconnaaup.org

In Solidarity

Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar, President
Jean McCarthy, Executive Vice President
Michael Bailey, Executive Director
Tel 860.487.0450